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Radiant Health Nutrition Program


What is our role in helping you establish balanced body chemistry?

Our work is to encourage Radiant Health by using the following techniques:

• Gaining knowledge and answers through objective laboratory data, specialize testing, Symptom Survey, and food diary.

• Prescribing an eating program unique to your individual oxidative metabolic state, genetic and ancestral background, and blood and body type). By following this eating program, food and drink that are harmful and upsetting to your metabolic state will be simultaneously eliminated.

• Recommending necessary supplements based on laboratory data. An individualized treatment regimen will be developed using vitamin therapy, trace minerals, natural food supplements, digestive enzymes, and micro endocrines, if needed.

• Chiropractic evaluating and treating structural issues that can negatively influence your body chemistry, body structure, and your overall health.

• Obtaining regular laboratory data to monitor the improvement in body chemistry and to measure your progress during the Page Program.

Creating an awareness of your lifestyle’s Four Arenas and how they impact your body chemistry.

What is your role in establishing balanced body chemistry?

Your commitment is to encourage optimal health by:

• Empowering yourself with information and knowledge that can insure you a lifetime of optimal health.

• Reading recommended materials, literature and accumulated laboratory data to gain a general understanding of your body chemistry and your personal health.

• Implementing your personalized eating program, based on your body type and genetic disposition, that will allow you to live a long, healthy and vibrant lifestyle.

• Gaining an appreciation of how your genetic disposition and lifestyle affect body chemistry.

• Making the commitment to work at and address those areas that negatively impact your life.



We are primarily concerned with the relationship of how body structure and chemical and emotional balance are related to health. These areas are evaluated and treated through Chiropractic philosophies. Chiropractic believes that structure affects the function of the entire body and that the body works as a whole unit. Our physical, mental and emotional sides are not separate units, but part of the entire body.

The success of treatments is intimately related to the body’s ability to heal and repair. Nutrition is the cornerstone of this healing and repairing, therefore, we recommend, for optimal assessment and understanding of your situation, Chiropractic evaluation and nutritional biochemical analysis.

We have found this approach, combined with the Radiant Health program and the Four Arena Concept, very successful in creating long-term optimal health for those who make a conscious choice to have a radiant lifestyle and good health.

Do you have any questions or concerns Chiropractic and nutrition how it can help you back to radiant health? Contact Us or call Dr. Lawson DC directly at 858-576-6329. He will be happy to answer your questions and set up a prompt appointment. Contact Us

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