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Our San Diego chiropractor office is centrally located near the intersection of the 163 and 52 freeways, Kearny Mesa / Clairemont Mesa area, in San Diego, California. We are easily accessible from anywhere in San Diego. MAP

We provide high quality general chiropractic care and pain relief including drug and surgery free treatments for Carpal Tunnel and TMJ. We also provide Nutrition plans and health education all using state-of-the art tools and methodologies in a caring, unhurried environment.

Our Treatment Planning

Our treatment planning is very conservative in nature. We will only recommend chiropractic treatment for you that we would for ourselves and loved ones.

Our Individualized Attention to Each Patient

Patients are seen one-at-a-time, and on time. What this means is that when you come in to our office, you will generally be the only patient here and you will have our full, undivided attention.

Our Services

Traditional chiropractic services, such as spinal, non-spinal and extremity adjustments along with associated physical therapy/soft tissue therapies for Carpal Tunnel, TMJ, sciatica, herniated disc, whiplash, low back pain, neck pain, headaches, sports medicine as well as...

nutrition plans, exercise routines for home, and lifestyle advice. Outside access to x-rays, MRI, lab, blood work or other advance imaging / diagnostic service and corrective exercises.

We also offer weekend hours, instrument technique and low force adjusting techniques for those who need a little extra TLC.

Diet and Lifestyle education to help you heal faster Neuro emotional technique (NET) for the mind body connection Nutritional Therapy.

Personalized exercise and stretching programs at no additional charge for post treatment rehabilitation customized weight loss programs.

Call Dr. Marc Lawson direct at 858-576-6329 and make an appointment. We would look forward to meeting you!

Marc G. Lawson, DC

San Diego Chiropractor

8322 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Suite 202

San Diego CA 92111


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Contact Us
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