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Does your neighborhood sports team need a doctor of chiropractic?

Chiropractic can give you athletic endeavors an edge. That's why you'll find chiropractors as "team doctors" for professional, college, high school, middle school, and elementary school football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, handball, rugby, soccer and weightlifting teams.

Chiropractic is used by top players in sports as diverse as tennis, ballet, boxing, biking, racing, gold, soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey, handball, rugby, running, weightlifting and other other sports.

Chiropractors help keep the athlete on the field and help stop minor injuries from becoming major ones without the use of drugs or surgery.

A survey among US National Football League (NFL) trainers found that 77% refer players to chiropractors and 31% of NFL teams have a chiropractor officially on staff.

Many amateur and professional athletes wouldn't dream of competing without first getting a chiropractic spinal tune up.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries nearly always jar and misalign the spinal column: a blow to the ribs, legs, feet, head, shoulder or torso always radiates to the center of the body--that's why a chiropractic check up is needed when you are injured, regardless of the nature of the injury.

Chiropractic is needed, in fact, even when medical procedures may also be necessary.

Why? If an injury is serious enough to need medical care, the spine and body alignment is almost always damaged. Further, medical doctors are simply not trained to locate and correct spinal subluxations--that is the realm of the doctor of chiropractic.

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